Divine Weapon have 4 choices, Blessed Rage, Reaper's Reward, Blizzard Burst and Hellfire Fury.
They have different Skills and sockets. The main quest will let you choose the divine weapon if you follow the instruction. (At Lv 40)
You can change the divine weapon with 3000 Crystal if you change your mind

Divine Weapon Levels:
Lv2 - Divine Power 2600
Lv3 - Divine Power 10200
Lv4 - Divine Power 29400
Lv5 - Divine Power 92000
Lv6 - Divine Power 289600
Lv7 - Divine Power 656800
Lv8 - Divine Power 1516000
Lv9 - Divine Power 3972800

Divine Weapon Disk

There are 7 sockets for each Divine Weapons. After you unlock the Divine Weapon, you can get the main socket - Dubhe. Then you have to go to NPC - Hephaistos at Sky City (273|284) for quest to unlock the other sockets.
Merak at Level 41 , Phecda at Level 45, Megrez at Level 50, Alioth at Level 55, Mizar at Level 60 and Alkaid at Level 70.
Each Divines have different bonus stats, click on the followings to see it.





Summon Soul

1. Spend Vouchers to summon souls. If you don't have enough Vouchers, Crystals can be spent instead.
2. Drag souls to the corresponding skill on the right to activate that skill.
3. Drag souls to any skill to enhance the Soul Power of that skill.
4. Drag activated skills to your hotbar for quick use.

Free Summons

You have 5 times of Free Summons per day.
Click on the followings to see the Souls that you can draw

Blessed Rage

Reaper's Reward

Blizzard Burst

Hellfire Fury